August 24, 2016


Saturday / 12:00 PM – 1:00 PM / Academy of Music

A screening of an Exhibition of International Super Shorts that includes films from the 100-Second Festival (Boston), the International 100 Second Film Festival (Iran), the 60 Second International Film Festival (Pakistan) and the 10 Second International Animation Festival (Korea).  100-sec Film is a full movie with all the characteristics of a feature film based on two elements of brevity and creativity; it is not a teaser, neither a musical video nor a partial feature film. 100-sec Film is a new and suitable media for the novel tools with the ability to exceptionally influence the high-speed and obstreperous world today and can blatantly get some seconds of the hurried and impatient audience and in addition to transmission of concept and message, present some visual and aesthetic pleasure.”  (

People are invited to submit works of film, video, animation or computer art that are 100 seconds in duration and to attend locally curated exhibitions that fuse regional voices to an international conversation. For more information on the local area 100-second films, to participate or submit their own films visit