August 24, 2016

An Art That Nature Makes: The Work of Rosamond Purcell

Sunday October 2nd | 5:00 PM – 6:15 PM | The Academy of Music

Finding unexpected beauty in the overlooked, discarded and decayed, photographer Rosamond Purcell has developed a body of work that has garnered international acclaim, fruitful collaborations with writers such as Stephen Jay Gould and admirers like Errol Morris. An Art That Nature Makes details Purcell’s fascination with the natural world – from a mastodon tooth to a hydrocephalic skull – offering insight into her unique way of recontextualizing objects both ordinary and strange into sometimes disturbing but always breathtaking visual studies.

Rosamond Purcell and Producer Alan Edelstein will be present for a Q&A after the film.

Official Site:
Executive Producer: Philip Dolin
Director: Molly Bernstein
Producer: Alan Edelstein
Cinematographer: Philip Dolin, Mead Hunt, Dennis Purcell
Editor: Molly Bernstein
Music: John Kusiak
Running Time: 75 minutes