October 29, 2018

NFF Animation Night

Playing Saturday November 17th at 9:00 PM at the Flex Space at 33 Hawley

NFF Animation Night is a celebration of hand-drawn animated short films. Curated by Sachio Cook and Niko Guardia, the program features a selection of directors from around the world; including Japan, the United states, France, and even Canada. Independent 2d animation merges the craft of filmmaking, and unique storytelling with beautiful drawings and visuals in a range of styles. We will be screening 11 short films. We hope you’ll find them thought provoking and come out with a new appreciation of how enchanting 2d animation can be.

Please note that some films include adult themes and non-sexualized nudity, and may not be suitable for children.

Films being Screened (not in this order)
Jennings Account by Sean Buckelew
Storm Hits Jacket by Paul Cabon
Weekends by Trevor Jiminez
L’Ogre by Laurene Braibant *
Peripheria by David Coquard Dassault
Wildfire by Goeblins
Goodbye Rabit, Hop Hop by Caleb Wood
Sauvage  by Paul Cabon *
Maku by Mizushiri Yoriko
Futon by Mizushiri Yoriko
Agua Viva by Alexa Lim Has *
*Contains non-sexualized nudity