September 20, 2016


Surround yourself inside the new wave of 3D technology.

Envelopvision is the brilliant 3rd dimensional hybrid of mother nature and video game technology. An adventure of sight that surrounds you, transports you to another realm of experience, captivates you as if in a dream.

Specterras has captured the magic and splendor of 3D technology that empowers an active reality where you have control over your experience. With every living 3D rendering, you’ll be able to explore, jump, fly, swim, and float your way through the some of the world’s most precious exotic destinations.

Now you can go anywhere with no restrictions. You control your experience and create new ways to explore. Combining the latest 3D laser scanning technology with color photographs and video, Specterras has created a truly immersive experience.

Part of our virtual reality experiences being offered at A.P.E. Gallery on Saturday October 1st from 10:00 AM – 6:00 PM.  Free to the public.