August 24, 2016

16mm & Super 8mm Filmmaking Workshop

Sunday October 2nd | 11:00 AM – 5:00 PM | Northampton Community Television

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This is a six hour workshop where you will shoot and develop 16mm and Super 8mm film.  It is taught by the New York-based group Mono No Aware.

In this class students will learn 16mm filmmaking techniques from start to finish. Curriculum includes camera options, film stock choices, exposure, lenses, how to load, focus, run, maintain and operate the H16 Bolex Reflex camera.

Participants will spend one day shooting then will meet again to view the raw footage to talk about editing options and presentation. The goal is to create a short film on 16mm which you conceived, directed, shot, splice edited, and projected independently.

16mm and Super 8mm Film Workshop: Cross Processing Color Negative as Reversal.
All materials will be provided.
Only six slots available!
Cost: $60/person (includes materials)
Instructor: Zach Hart